miércoles, 18 de noviembre de 2009

My english course

One of the most important things in my life is the language. The language is the base of the social interaction. The language is reflected in all the things of our daily life.

There are many languages around the world. Some of them are really complex, because they have various tones or symbols that the Spanish doesn’t have. For example, the Thai people use different zones of the vocal structure to express some tones and they don’t use the letters that we use.

I have always had a great admiration for the people who know many languages. I have always wanted to learnt Japanese or German, because I think that theses languages are very cool, although they are very difficult.

I had great English teachers in my school, but I want to improve my English with the course at the university.

I began my English course in 2008. I had to take an English exam the first week to evaluate my English knowledge’s. It was a hard experience because it was the first test of the year. My final score wasn’t very poor, but I had to start the level two of the English course, anyway. The level two was a special experience, because the teacher was very strict with us. She has a fixation with the English book. However, I could brush up my English learning or remembering other words.

In 2009, I started the level three of my English course. My teacher was Rosa Zagal.I think that the level three was a great experience, because I could learn more English with the blogger. I think blogger is a great tool to learn English, because we can know other words or review our grammar mistakes with the teachers. Besides, the students can write their opinions or stories about different topics.

I began my final English course (the level four) this second semester. My teacher is Alvaro. He is a nice guy and a great teacher. Alvaro knows many things about the English language. I think he is very patient with us. I have learnt many things with him, especially, phonetic expressions.

Summary, I have had a good experience with the English course at the university. However I’m disagree with some things of it. For example, using English’s book is very boring, so, as a teacher, I would extend the time using other methods to learn English. I would use the dramatization, dialogues or the meetings with English native people.

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2009

challenges of my discipline

My discipline is facing different challenges at this time. In the technological area my discipline has to make new tools to find out evidences of mental illnesses in the brain. But, in our country, we need improve our cognitive tests, because many of them are very oldest.

Also, as psychologists we have to change the social structure to improve the psychological service. Thus it is necessary create more places to treat the mental illnesses. Our disciplines have to create therapists to change some social problems: bullying, homiceides against women and discrimination.

We have to improve the conditions of the people with serious problems, like schizophrenics. Today, they don’t receive good treatments because our hospitals don’t have the facilities to help them. Another important challenge is regulate the distribution of the medicaments in the psychiatrist therapists, because many of the pills produce secondary effects in the people.
In the educational area, we have to face the ordinary problems of the classroom. One of the ways to change this situation is making a better the communication between psychologists and teachers.

I think is important to demand more resources to change the currently situation of myr discipline. Also, it is important improve the professional level of our psychologists. As a consequence, we could see better therapies and results in the patients. Maybe, one of the benefits of this would be the decrease of the levels of discrimination to the people with mental ilnesses.
In the other hand, we have to regulate the university system, especially in our country. There are many universities giving psychology in Chile and many of them are private. Theses universities only want the money of the students and they don’t give good lessons. So, this situation decreases the quality of the Chilean psychology.

The Chilean government has to supervise our discipline developing ethical commissions, because we can not play with the problems of the people.

We need more money, supervision and control of the psychologists if we want to make a social change in our country.

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2009

My activities

Today I have to write about the activities that I love to do in my free time.
The activities I enjoy the most when I have some free time are listening to music, reading a book and surfing over internet. Those activities are very important in my life because I can enjoy the life.

I always try to have the time to listening music because it is a very important activity in my life, in fact the music go with me to any place. I listen to music everyday in any place. I listen to music alone in my bedroom or on the subway. When I don’t have to read any article for the university I take the advantage to listen to music.

The second activity what I like is reading a book. I like a lot the books, specially, the realistic books. The last semester I read a Haruki Murakami’s book called “Kafka en la orilla”. It was a magical connection, because I couldn’t stop of read. I liked very much the characters and the story. The last summer I read “La razon de los amantes” written by Pablo Simonetti, a popular Chilean writer. He is a greatest writer and his stories are very fresh. When I read a book I try to do it in bedroom but if I want to read and there is noise I put my earphone to block it.

Surfing over internet is the third activity that I enjoy because I can read some bloggers or I can watch videos on youtube. I look for some concerts of my favorites artists or I watch some shows of comedy. My favorites American comedians are Sarah Silverman and Bill Maher. They are so hilarious; in fact Bill Maher has a monologue about the religion. Sometimes, I look for some documentaries or movie in youtube. If I have the time to surf on internet I visit different websites, I read the newspaper or I review my mails.

Well I have to go to the next class. So I cannot follow with this post.


viernes, 23 de octubre de 2009

my faculty

The current situation in my faculty is very bad, because we have many problems. We don’t have the optimum facilities to do all the things that we want.

For example, our library doesn’t have all the books that we need and it is very small. When we want to study there, we can’t get focus because there are many people talking in it. Sometimes we can’t find the articles or books that we need, so we have to go to others faculties to get them. Besides, we have to improve the behavior lab, because some students make experimental researches with animals and they don’t have the resources to do it. Also, we need a study room to work in groups if we have to make a project.

The first step to deal with this situation is the organization. We have to change our leaders because they don’t have done anything to transform this situation. After this, we must to demand more economical resources to buy better facilities.

If we have the possibility to improve the situation in our faculty, many people would be happy, because they could make many things related to the career. Besides, our faculty could be recognize as a advanced place to make researches and seminars in this area. If we achieve the resources to build a good lab we could do programs to help our community.

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2009

the music

I like music very much. Sincerely, I like different styles of music. I don’t have one favourite music style because I know various artists from different countries. In fact, I know some Asian bands.

The music represents a lot of things in my life, so it is very important in my daily life. The music is important because makes me remember different situations that I have lived or people who I have met. I love the power of the music to evocate different smells or dialogues in me. The music makes me feel in company every day, for that reason I have my I-Pod always with me. I spend a lot of time listening music, so I use many batteries and I have to buy good earphones. I think that I spend three hours a day listening music.

Music’s got an especial quality, because it helps me to change my mood. So, when I wake up with a bad mood, I listen to music and I get happy.

I know various bands from different places. Ikimonogakari (いきものがかり) is a Japanese band of pop music. They have good songs and greatest s videos; I like them because they have an interesting esthetic and it is very childhood I have to say. I f you want to listen a great song of them, here’s a link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hrqKk3_KCS8

Wir sind Helden is a German band. They have good songs too. They represent the new way to make rock music in Germany. This is their song “Nur ein Wort” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVmXgOQNtNQ

viernes, 9 de octubre de 2009

Summary form the Guardian

I chose an article wrote by Paul Vaughan on Wednesday 15 August 2007. The headline is “Government extends dignity campaign to mental health patients”

The Britain’s government extends the “dignity care” campaign to the people with mental health difficulties. In fact, the care services minister Ivan Lewis commented the highly vulnerability and the discrimination who suffer this people. The English government will extend the campaign to incentive the social support to this people.

Paul Farmer, Mind's chief executive, said that this campaign can help to decrease the levels of discrimination. Besides, he explains that the people who receive a respectful and kindness treat could be getting an improvement in their mental ilness or esteem.

The campaign will be reformulated to include the old people who have mental difficulties. The extension of the campaign will focus on three key areas - tackling stigma, older people's mental health and acute inpatient care.

The announcement by Mr Lewis coincides with the recognition of the 1000th 'Dignity Champion', an event where many people claims improvements in the service that older people receive. Mr Lewis said one thousand people including volunteers, carers and professionals had signed up to the champion of the rights of older people in hospitals and nursing homes. “We genuinely need people like this to be the voice and ear of colleagues and professionals to promote dignity”, pointed out Lewis.

The first part of the campaign has a positive action with the people with mental illness and the government has the same hope in the campaign second’s part

viernes, 2 de octubre de 2009

my special dish?

Sincerely, I don’t have a favourite dish, because the food doesn’t have a big significance in my life. I just eat because without the food I wouldn’t live. “I eat to live not live to eat”

There is a special flavour that I like; the “Pastelera” is a kind of pudding made of corn. Besides, the “Pastelera” has raisins, egg and olives. I love the sweet flavor of this dish, because you can add sugar.

I have never cooked the “Pastelera” but I think that it would be very easy. I would grind the corn and then I would include the others ingredients. I‘d eat this dish to celebrate the “national holidays”. I would prepare this dish in the house of my uncles, because they live in the country
Well, I have ate this fish only in my house with my family so I don`t have greatest or importants memories enjoying the “Pastelera”. Actually, I like “Pastelera” because I don’t eat red meat. I have eaten this dish with my nuclear family and I think that they love it.

Whatever, I think that “Pastelera” is a great food because you can eat a lot and you don`t feel full at all. You can add any drink to eat this dish, If you want it. So I recommend this dish because it is very light. Come on!!! Go to the kitchen and prepare the “Pastelera”.